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December 19, 2017

Welcome to our first ever Rhino blog. We have had our Facebook page up and running now for a couple of months now, and therefore this is well and truly overdue. But I was probably a bit apprehensive on what you may want to hear from us.


We are primarily commercial finance brokers and can organize finance for anything business related; but we also have the ability to finance cars, bikes and leisure equipment for personal use too. At this stage we are not writing home loans, but we always have the ability to refer you on to an efficient lender. We operate under an Australian Credit Licence and maintain our accreditation and knowledge by continuing to complete credit training each year. We will try to help the best way that we can; but don’t ever expect us to give finance advice because that is not our field. We’ll help with your lending needs not your investments, and the only recommendation that we can give is to talk to your accountant if you need guidance on your best options.


That’s enough of the boring stuff. Obviously we are hoping to promote Rhino Finance and increase our business through this page, but we would also like to have some fun and provide some assistance with it. We would love to hear from you, as to what you would like to see or hear on this page and we will see what we can do, within reason. Some of our thoughts so far have been;

  • Rusty’s weekly punting tip. Russell Bertram is getting all of his bad tips out of his system (hopefully) at the moment. We thought that from early in the New Year he could give a Friday punting suggestion for the weekend races. We’re prepared to stake his weekly bet and hopefully have a nice nest egg to donate to charity by the end of the year. We would love to hear suggestions for worthwhile charities, not necessarily the mainstream ones?

  • Can you suggest a …………..???  We deal with a lot of different industries and because we love and value all of our customers we would love to be able to connect you to each other, if you need some work done. We have Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, Air Conditioning Mechanics, Truck Drivers, Cabbies, Bakers, Caterers, Butchers , Forklift suppliers, Port-a-loo suppliers and many more.

  • Mick’s joke. That was my suggestion but howled down because apparently everyone has already heard all of my jokes.

Please feel free to comment but keep it clean. We are hoping this page can be light, fun and helpful and we’re not looking to get into a slanging match with anyone, so if you comment isn’t helpful don’t expect a response.

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